Dear families of students in Vallaskóli.

The principal received information last evening, Thursday 3d of September, from the Icelandic Directory of Health, that a student in 7th grade in Vallaskóli had been confirmed to have COVID-19.

This student did not attend school last Monday or Tuesday but did attend school in first period Wednesday, 2nd of September. His teacher and assistant teacher promptly sent him home because he had flu like symptoms. The student attended school before the weekend last Friday, 28th of August, but did not show symptoms until the weekend.

This student only came into contact with his classmates in his classroom on this Wednesday morning and his teacher and the assistant teacher. Students in this particular class, their teacher and the assistant teacher, will therefore go into quarantine from the 3rd of September. Others do not have to quarantine and can attend school as normal.

Parents of all the students in the mentioned class were notified early this morning and a list with names of those who have to quarantine has been sent to the Directory of Health. Nurses working for the directory will contact those families and staff and give them directions and advice. The quarantine is for 14 days.

The school’s procedures regarding COVID-19 will not change at this moment. The school administrators are working closely with the Department of Civil Protection and the Quarantine Doctor of the South Coast on this matter.

We would like to remind everyone to be cautious and to wash their hands, sanities and respect individual boundaries. If you have the slightest flu like symptoms please stay home and contact a health professionals as soon as possible in the number 1700 or your local helth care.

This is a trying time for all parties and we ask the school community to keep calm, show solidarity and compassion. We are all in this together.

Further information will be provided if there will be new developments.

Best regards,

Guðbjartur Ólason