Hello again dear families of students in Vallaskóli.

This is the latest update on COVID-19 in the school.

This afternoon (15:00) a representative at The Directory of Health contacted the school administrators. In light of the development of infections it was decided that all students in 7th grade (3 classes in total) should qarantine. School staff that has been in contact with students in 7th grade has also been quarantined.

In the last letter it was stated that three infections had been identified, but one new case has been recorded in the same class in 7th grade that originally went into quarantine.

Promptly, the school administrators contacted all parents in 7th grade and informed them of the decision of quarantine. This was completed by 6 pm. School administrators are greatful that parents took these news gracefully. Representatives of The Directory of Health will contact all parites concerned, and it is expected that everyone will be tested.

It is clear that this will interrupt learning in 7th grade, but students will attent distance learning. School administrators hope that this disruption will have as little affect on the standarized tests that are to be held on 24th and 25th of September. We trust that we will be in good cooperation with students‘ families with that aim in mind.

We hope that today‘s decision will surfice to stem the progress of the virus in this class. Further updates will be sent later on.

Best of regards,

Guðbjartur Ólason, school principal.